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If you cite content as an academic source, please abide by content copyright and attribute as web log entry in in-text citations and references. I cannot be held liable for if readers choose misconduct to plagiarize my writing. Please show respect, and cite your source.  Read the Creative Commons section of these blog terms for details.

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Public safety concerns require me to assert that all posts labeled Community Profile exist to celebrate locales, provide marcomm for trade, commerce, and tourism, to share about my life, and to provide ideas or resources for residents, visitors, or potential residents.  Please cease and desist from using these posts for criminal behaviors such as, but not limited to, stalking, harassment, and/or property damage.  These posts and their author(s) accept no liability for any reader experience(s) associated with these locales and said posts. Friendly and goodwill-intentioned inquiries welcome!  Anyone accessing these posts agrees to these terms.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these terms! Be free to learn about my work promoting Community Profiles. Want to see your community covered? Contact me.

Review Disclaimer

Please note that my intent is to review experiences since (1) it happened and (2) to offer constructive feedback to improve others' experiences.  I am a paying customer and so reserve the right to review said organizations.  In a spirit of goodwill and fairness for publicizing my critique here, I may or may not email the sales and marketing contacts at organizations receiving a "negative" review, though I do not claim to do so for every online review that I write.  I make what I consider a reasonable effort to inform.

Republished Content Disclaimer

Please note that I reserve the right to include content that I wrote elsewhere.  I make a reasonable effort to contact any involved persons privately, to share a link to the blog, to invite changes and/or review via correspondence.  I respond to privacy concerns by initializing names and excluding others' emails, posts, or discussion thread comments made elsewhere unless it is in a public domain and unless I have express permission to include content and name.  Note I do not require this practice, but do so as a courtesy.

In all I intend to avoid publicly shaming someone by making reasonable effort to show goodwill, correspondence, and conscientiousness noting that the relationship is the context of inquiry (Denzin, 2003) meaning that an ethical review of republishing content must include a review of reasonable efforts made as evidenced in the interaction here on the blog and in other salient channels.

Minors, Releases, & Privacy

When photographing minors even in public it's important to make a good will effort to ask for permission from parents.  In absence of minor releases or permission, one approach is to photograph from a distance or with background and faces obscured.  To that end I intended to be respectful of parents when photographing them with their kin.  On that I've a few photos not included here; inquire within if you think I may have one of you and yours.  Only be advised that I photograph in the genres event and editorial photography, and not portraiture.


Denzin, N. K. (2003). Performance ethnography: Critical pedagogy and the politics of culture. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.