I am in process for my doctorate.  I graduated with a MA in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University, and a BA in English/Communication with emphases in Mass Media Studies and Creative Writing from the University of Washington.  I studied Theology/Bible and Journalism at Multnomah University for one year.

In my practice and research, I consider what it means to live by vocation (1 Tim. 4:14-16), and to communicate and lead by writing, photography, intermedia, and narrative as pathways to encourage people to heal and to grow.

Me (3rd FR-L) with Gonzaga Colleagues (c) Kelli Kapp
I want to collaborate with academic organizations to design innovative advanced degree programs and virtual campuses for today's learners, to partner with technology organizations to design health communication systems that empower constituent contribution, to write/publish a book, to teach writing, performance narrative, communication theory, and leadership, to mentor graduate and international students, to consult civic leaders, and to foster inter- faith and cultural dialogue. I enjoy developing community and inter- national/cultural relations via photography.

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