Saturday, September 17, 2016

Baby | Adventure to Mamahood

Hi Neighbors,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of my adventure into mama-hood:

26 Weeks 5 Days (above)
Nursery after we finished the Floors (above)
38 Weeks 5 Days (above)

Be Good to the Belly (above 5)
Baby / Family Books (above)
Humor. Really. (above)
It's a Boy! (above)
Smoothies, Fitness,
Wellness, + Protein Shakes (above)
1st Trimester:  More Pho Please... (above)
R for Rosko... Mt. Rainier... (above)
2nd Trimester: Full Survey Ultrasound (above)
We're Pregnant!?!!! (above)

Walking + Hiking (above)
Creatures (above)
Downtown (above)
Live your Dreams (above)
Torrent of Tears ... (above)
Pounding Boards + Remodeling Floors
during 1st Trimester (above)
1st Trimester w/Our 'Lil Critter (above)
Laugh : Recover Joy (above)
Church gave all women a rose last Mother's Day.
This year, the rose turned into a Baby :D 
(Due date Mother's Day weekend 2016) (above)

The Two Become One...

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