Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Saybrook University | Crisis Management Workshop + Certificate [4/29-5/1/15]

Hi Colleagues,

I am supporting community engagement for Saybrook University's upcoming workshop and certificate for a systems approach to crisis management.

Value wordle of Saybrook's management + systems (above)
This workshop is distinctive in that it focuses on a systems approach as essential for leadership of crisis management.

The dates are 4/29-5/1 from 9-4pm (3pm on 5/1).  The location is Renton City Hall.  There are fees associated.  See below flier for more information + how to register.

Renton City Hall at Springtime (cc) Dena Rosko (above)
Click this link if you want to learn more:

Be free to distribute this link or flier to your staff if you believe it will be useful for your organization, or spread the word if you know of anyone interested in effective crisis management [PDF].

Be free to contact me with any questions (click my name below, or drosko[at]

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