Saturday, August 30, 2014

Grand Canyon University | Doctoral Residency II of II Presentation of Progress or Results

Hi Colleagues,

I completed my second doctoral residency at Grand Canyon University at the beautiful + humid-monsoon-hot Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona.  Enjoy this pixel-roll of the venue + more:

My passion statement aka research brand (above)
What's yours?

Evening out w/colleagues (above) 
Working hard (above) 
Book store! (above)
(Ladies cut t "doctoral studies" v-neck, please!)

If entangled or confused,
set your purpose beneath your feet,
+ proceed with heart (above 3)
Amazing colleagues + supporters (above)
Chapel reminded me to worship God, + persevere with a can-do attitude (Phil. 4:13).  I left with a sense that I needed to recharge before summiting.

I also left with a foreboding sense of whether or not I'd finish here given a lack of alignment with the research process + my research goals. I observed what seemed to be frustration, a sense of futility, + lack of enthusiasm, which concerned me about what the Proposal process was really like, e.g., forms, appointed chair + methodologist, + compliant-language, compared to the implied promise that an iterative approach to developing the dissertation would be honored.

I felt relieved to finish the grueling residencies + travel.

I am beginning to transition to the entrepreneurial project mindset needed to manage the dissertation writing, collection, analysis, conversations, feedback, and reviews with my committee team, etc.  For instance, I translated the academic jargon of what I do in terms of my passion and purpose for my presentation.

I also learned how to operationalize my constructs of study with theoretical models to inform my research questions and analysis later on.  This process matters to applying and scaling what I do to benefit the organizations and contexts I'm studying, and will inform what I do post-doc.

Importantly, I want to complete and share my dissertation soon!  So stay tuned.

Thank you to those of you who supported me, especially spouse + friends, during this residency.

Enjoy more images on Flickr.

Update 7/1/15 |  My concerns were realized.  My instinct proved correct.  I am no longer at GCU.  I continue working on my scholar-practitioner goals.  Stay tuned!

Up, In, Out!