Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Renton, WA | Renton Ecumenical Association of Churches [REACH] Easter Sunrise Service [2014]

Hi Neighbors,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of an ecumenical Easter sunrise service via Renton Ecumenical Association of Churches (REACH) at Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park at Renton, WA:

Easter Blues at Luther's Table the night before (above)

Scott Kramer from Lakeridge Lutheran Church spoke about not dawdling by the empty tomb, + going ahead to follow Jesus to Galilee, aka our own backyard, to connect with who and what God is already doing.

This theme resonated with me from last year's message of some things, as with the seasons, need to die before new life can grow.

It felt nice to receive a word of affirmation from a friend, of support from another, to give + receive a hug, shed a tear, + know we're part of a community, where we need each other.

Notice a thematic progression? I wonder what next year's message will be?

Grateful for
Friends, Fellowship, + Comm[(u)nity],