Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sports | Seattle Seahawks Fans Welcome Home their Superbowl XLVIII Champions

Hi Sports Fans,

Congratulations to the city of Seattle + the Seattle Seahawks and fans for your recent Superbowl win! Monday night, fans welcomed home their team to Renton, WA:

Kudos to coordinating agencies + fans
for keeping the peace (above)

Kiro 7 Reporting (above)
Legacy of... (above)
The team lines up behind Police to drive home (above)
Sweet blur of victory (above)

Professional media badged + ready to go, I felt thrilled for fans + my city to safely celebrate this momentous + happy occasion. People politely cheered + managed each other, + when the State Patrol announced, "The Seahawks have left the building," thanked police

12-Lombardi Remake via Seattle Seahawks Memes (above)
City of Champions,