Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Reflections | Welcoming 2014 as a Year to Rebuild + Move Forward

Hi Neighbors,

My reflection for 2013 was joy.  I knew going into this last year that the year would be a mix of challenges and lessons learned.  This theme turned out to be the case for the year of the snake, or shedding of skin.

For 2014, my reflection involves rebuilding.  This theme brings to mind affirmations to not be moved from confidence of knowing God's grace or personhood value, to be still, to take time with important decisions, to be happy and enjoy the fruits of my labor, to love and be loved, to be diligent with my dissertation, to develop a positive attitude of gratitude, and to pace myself.

In a way I disliked this message because I will need patience. However, I know that pacing myself can benefit sustainability, proffer peace, and prepare for unknown adventures ahead.  Essentially, this practice will challenge me to practice mindfulness.  I feel grateful for this positive theme because it implies a sense of future as I continue to make decisions for health and well-being.

My prayer:

May God grant you your heart's desire, and 
fulfill all your plans!

What themes consider you for the coming year?  To prime the pump, check out this reading list via UC-Berkeley's The Greater Good Science Center.

To Rebuild