Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rock & Roll Worship Roadshow Seattle Concert & Emerald City Comicon [2013]

Hi Neighbors,

The first weekend in March, I enjoyed the Rock and Roll Worship Roadshow 2013 tour concert at Seattle's Key Arena, where several bands performed.  The night before, I attended Emerald City Comicon at the WA State Convention Center, where Billy Dee Williams autographed my Nighthawks photo, and I met a host of artists, fans, and vendors.

Enjoy this pixel-roll of these fun events.  First, the concert:

Adam Cappa (above)
When in Seattle: Wear layers (above)
Then, Comicon:

Long lines of determined folks including me (above)
I dressed up slightly--w/my red hair flower, etc. (above)
Business district near the WA Convention Center (above)
Autographed photo; I like the editorial quality (above)
Kudos to roadshow participants!  Visit Billy Dee Williams' art gallery, and peruse my music pins via Pinterest.

Rockin' the tune,
till it rolls,