Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter/Pesach Holiday Festivities | Celebrating a Holistic Vocational Life [2013]

Hi Neighbors,

Today I celebrated Easter with church, family, + the bright, warm, + sunny outdoors.  Enjoy this pixel-roll starting with REACH's sunrise service at the fire pit at Coulon Park, where I appreciated friends' fellowship + Gretchen's spoken word, paraphrased, about somethings needing to "die" for God to raise new life, + to be that person who lives out her calling, + as the women who first believed, to share the message with people:

Then I walked at the Cedar River Trail near Renton Memorial Stadium, + admired the fine Boeing products on the nearby tarmac:

The "sun" extends our reach to complete our purpose (above)

I visited my great grandma's grave at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.  I remember standing there at 10 years old with family on our first Easter without her.  Her faith legacy inspires me still:

I worked up an appetite from my early start, so returned home to practically inhale my gluten-free spiced Belgian waffles with TwoIfBySeafoods Alaskan smoked salmon + Whole Foods hummus:

I also shared an afternoon dinner with family.

I know that Easter combines socio-cultural traditions, but the important focus for me involves celebrating life with others and by contributing an inspiring vocational purpose. How do you celebrate this holiday?

Jesus the Christ is Risen!