Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Reflections + Refreshment [2013]

Hi Neighbors,

For 2012 I reflected on courage, relax, and savor. Enjoy these holiday pixels to segway to my reflections for 2013:

Christmas Eve + Day [2012] (above series)
For 2013, I reflect on how to live by joy. Jesus said to abide in him and to love one another so that my joy may be full, where God's joy brings strength. I consider what such joy means when perceiving a double bind. How to choose ethically during difficulty? For me I suspect the virtue of choice will involve joy. 

Yet I know that virtues come in dialectics as in a shadow inspires the light, and the light alleviates the shadow. While it feels ominous and foreboding to reflect in this way, I'm reminded to better appreciate the people and moments of today. I hope that focusing on joy will help me to do just that. Sufficed to say, I hope that 2013 will go/end well! As Mom says, one day at a time. I will let you know how it turns out! Many thanks to those of you who supported and encouraged me in 2012, and to my loved ones.

Practically, I desire to simplify + serve. Holistically, I'm seeking insight and direction on what to do when situated development fails to bring about system's change, and what this process or decision means for health and vitality now and for the future.

What New Year's reflections for refreshment say you?