Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lakewold Gardens | Foliage, Shrubbery, & Groundcover

Dear Neighbors,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of the lovely greenery at Lakewold Gardens in Lakewood, WA, just south of Tacoma:

The Pond, sourced by Gravelly Lake water,
in the Woodland Garden (above)

This garden, which Eulalie Wagner, sister to Virginia Bloedel of The Bloedel Reserve, and niece by marriage to the original property owner, Major Everett Griggs, with the help of American landscape designer Thomas Church, keeps many quiet abodes within each garden space.

Each garden space, designed as a "room" outside, beckons visitors to displays of immaculate groundcover, a variety of foliage, and mature trees pruned apparent to the Bonsai tradition. I felt that the self-taught plants-woman, Wagner herself, still tends to her plants. I also felt welcome; I credit the human element in Church's designs, but also the hospitable spirit of the staff still working the gardens today.

Follow the path as it leads you through the Circle Drive, G.L. Davis Flag Lawn, Wagner House, Joyce & Herbert Syford Verandah, Mrs. Prentice Blodel Knot Garden, Tom Gillies Hardy Fern Garden, Emma, Ruth & H.F. Alexander Brick Walk, Pool, Helen Weyerhaeuser Tea House, Mary Jane "Squeak" Allen Shade Garden, Peace Garden (my favorite), Woodland Garden, Pond, Picnic Point, Rock Garden, South Border, Perennial Gardens, Library Courtyard, Dog Walk, and Garden Shop.

Visit Lakewold Gardens per their visiting hours and admission rates. Learn more about Lakewold Gardens' story and press. I think you'll find the Lakewold Gardens quite lovely indeed.

Grow, Tend, Live--