Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Renton, WA | Library at Cedar River Story Digest

Hi Neighbors,

The Cedar River library location won by a landslide on August 2012. For your convenience I've compiled a digest of 13 editorial posts about the library story with one post a photo-essay on the Cedar River Trail.  Posts range from July 13, 2011 to present. Dates indicate date of post:

2012 July 12

2012 April 12

2012 April 4

2012 April 2

2012 April 1

2012 March 30

2012 March 22

2012 March 17

2012 March 10

2012 February 6

2011 July 20

Cedar River Trail Park | Year Round
2011 July 13


The library's iconic design and location at Cedar River and Liberty Park overlaps learning with play. Renton River Days also utilizes this location.

I volunteered with the Citizens for the Cedar River Library because I value participatory governance and learning with play. Before the ballot, I volunteered with the then petition group Citizens for the Preservation of Renton's Cedar River Library to put the library location to ballot because I believe that government must involve residents in developing their Public Commons. So I felt celebratory when I mailed my ballot:

Access available and library relevant documents. Follow my Public Commons' board on Pinterest. Connect with Citizens for the Cedar River Library on Facebook