Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vancouver, BC | Return to Granville Island

Hi Global Citizens,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of my walkabout at Vancouver, BC to patron Granville Island:

Josh Minsky (above 2)

The Peace Arch (above)

Service Port in Blaine, Wash. (above 3)
Ah, Granville Island Tea Co. (above)
I appreciate a public commons for arts, commerce, tourism for travellers who want to be friends in this amazing international city. I restocked on tea.  I adored Josh Minsky busking French chansons, or songs. Thankfully the sky shone blue and sun for most of the day although the breeze felt cool. Indeed we experience Spring's transition to Summer.

Enjoy more photos of the first visit to Granvilleplus more visits to Vancouver and Victoria, join me on my travels, or otherwise contribute to the beauty and friendship of the Great Pacific Northwest in Washington and Canada!