Monday, May 7, 2012

Life Event & Ritual Photography

Hi Colleagues,

I reach out in part via my photography and storytelling services to assist people with their life events, life cycle, end of life, life celebration, and mourning rituals:

Life events impact us all. I photographed the above series over a two year time frame. The woman of honor is my grandma (1923-2010). So I know the sensitivity, conscientiousness, and empathy needed to photograph significant life events, whether they be active or rituals involving birth, death, or everything in between.

From this experience, I wrote my Master's thesis to encourage people and society to integrate communication and the arts into life rituals, including death, to aid healing, to share loss in a meaningful way, to voice adversity when we need to love and care with others, and to hopefully redeem, or at least beautify in image and by living through, the terrible. 

I provide photography and storytelling services to people wanting to remember or work through their significant life events. See also Health & Life Cycle Photography.

Be free to contact me for more information.

Faith, hope, and love remain,
with the greatest of these as