Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding Photography | John + Teah

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this montage followed by a pixel-roll of John N Teah's wedding on April 14, 2012 in Maple Valley, Wash. at the LDS Church on Wax Road:

I met John and Teah via a phone inquiry from the groom, who needed to locate a photographer, and I was the only one who answered his calls. So plus one for being responsive!

We met up at Luther's Table to establish expectations and determine our match. They impressed me with their regard for their guests and their desire to make their wedding a time for family to get to know each other in a natural manner. They also contributed a philosophy of joy to my work, for which I'm grateful.

Congratulations to the joyful bride and groom! Here's to a together life brimming over with joy.



Music score (cc) Kendra Springer "Ware Liefde (True Love)" via

Photographs (cc) Dena Rosko. Montage a Text and Pixels Production.