Saturday, March 10, 2012

Renton Library Initiative Petition | Join us for Super Saturday & Sunday

Hi Colleagues!

This weekend only! Super Saturday extends to Sunday! Help us to gather the ~1K signatures needed to keep the downtown Renton Library at the existing location at Liberty Park.

If interested in participating, please come to the downtown Renton Library on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-4pm PDT to sign the petition and/or to receive supplies to doorbell. We've all the supplies that you need, so join us in our efforts to value community space, fiscal responsibility, and voter voice!

Please note that to sign the petition, you must be a registered voter and incorporated Renton resident.

Learn more about the grassroots group behind this campaign, the Citizens for the Preservation of Renton Library, and read week-of news coverage at Renton Patch, Renton KOMO, and Renton Reporter. Also check out Scribillare and  OEN (OpEdNews).  Access my involvement (here and here) with this grassroots campaign. 

I've enjoyed this library at the Cedar River for years, and am grateful for the therapeutic and family friendly atmosphere. I'm proud of volunteers for their enthusiastic dedication, professionalism, and courage to participate with civic process.

Please join us to ensure that library patrons enjoy this Renton Library at Cedar River for years to come!

Join us! Petition Drive
3/10 & 3/11 from 10am-4pm PDT!

For a democratic public commons,


2012 March 15 City of Renton attorney calls petition "illegal," which I assume surrounds the annexation contract's terms. 

My response | The Council and/or city attorney and press should have disclosed KCLS terms to the public before the annexation vote; if not disclosed, made clear, that a term of annexing the library to KCLS involved moving/rebuilding it.

It's been a strenuous day for me. I've felt pulled in different directions. I feel embarrassed that at one point it would have been better to "step away from the keyboard," but I still maintain what motivated me to involve myself in this situation from the start: a Call to Transparent Process.

As I indicated in my Op-Eds, I'm not opposed to moving the library per se, but I care about process being "above board" and upfront, which from all appearances, has been not.

Moving forward, I invite the city council and KCLS to consider a strategy to rebuild trust and make corrections where needed. Mainly I will continue my journey to connect people and organizations to designing a healthy and wise public commons, even though I may blunder the latter qualifiers at times. 

I also ask Renton residents to consider calling their civic leaders and media to full disclosure of the terms under which the library annexed to KCLS. Being a static public record somewhere does not make as much of a difference as a good faith effort to clarify. Keep in mind that people deserve to know the terms under which they're evaluated, monetarily charged, or publicly called out.

It seems a great deal of confusion surrounds this situation. I've people asking me, "Move the library where?" We need a dialogic process before "educating" voters. I find such language pretentious, anyway.  

After some clarification and reflection, I've three questions to ask of the council: Did the city make a goodfaith effort to clarify the terms of the KCLS annexation to its voting public before the annexation vote? If not, then what is the city willing to do to rectify a lack of full disclosure? If so, then why did the council wait to issue the attorney waiver today instead of from the onset of the petitioning so that the petition group knew the terms under which their petition would be evaluated?

Update | On 4/23/12, the Renton City Council approved the resolution confirming the ballot title, description, and voter question for the August 7th library ballot (Proposition #1). The city attorney(s) now draft the full text. Then two groups will draft statements in favor of one library location or the other.  I desire to contribute to the statement drafting. Read more about the Rally that in part led to this Proposition.