Monday, March 5, 2012

Curation Nation | Curating on Narrative Health, Higher Education Reform, & Pinterest

Hi Colleagues,

Welcome to the newest scene to social media, or the whole wide world of curating! Check out my curating projects via and Pinterest:

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Curating means you organize, categorize, and display content online according to your themes. Curating provides that next step to sleuthing content on social media.

Curating differs from other content channels mainly because you must display your themes in clusters instead of top-down, per-link, and per-post. Curating focuses content in a cluster and people can easily respond, share on their channels, or re-post on their projects.

Be sure to include excerpts, summarize your response, and ask readers questions. Otherwise you're just posting content as before. Think of yourself as an online archivist, broadcaster, presenter, and interactor all in one.

Curating works great for startups, too, and shows people your brand. Curating essentially simplifies complex and variable content.

I like to imagine future cross-sector applications such as in health and education. Imagine collaborating with your clinician team to research for your health complaint and desired health contributions and outcomes, or co-producing projects with your peers for conferences, presentations, or sharing curriculum for your courses.

Peruse this list of 40 social media sites including curators. Still want convincing? Learn how and why to curate. While you're at it, check out's blog... and follow me at my Curation Nation channels!

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