Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Storm | Snow & Ice [2012]

Hi Colleagues!

Enjoy these images of the beautiful, yet hazardous, snowfall and ice rain here in Renton:

Here's two brief videos of snowfall followed by a pixel-roll:

My Subaru arrived just in time from Chaplin's in Bellevue! Subie handled fantastic! Here's me driving it in the snow for the first time to practice:

Note the broken, fallen, and flayed tree branches, which have caused power outages for upwards 70K Washingtonians. Gov. Gregoire declared a state of emergency. Notice the green ferns laid flat by the weight, and the growing icicles.

Lest you scoff at we Washingtonians, observe that, at this time, we did not pre-treat our roads for the once or twice per season snowfall (the salmon, undercarriages of our cars, and water bodies thank us). Even Wazzu, due to highway closures, closed.

Keep up to date with weather, King County Metro, and school closures. Note safety measures for power outage. See more weather posts.

Drive/walk/be safe out there, and stay warm! I will most likely add more photos with our upcoming photo walks. As for me, snow storms remind me of fun times sledding down my hill with my childhood friend and drinking hot cocoa afterwards.

Here's a haiku I wrote about the storm:

Snowflakes as puzzles
Interlock clinging to trees
Sharing Winter warmth

Let it Snow,