Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Storm | Night Walk in the Snow! [2012]

Hi Colleagues!

I enjoyed a night walk during the falling snow:

We accumulated ~5" snow (1/18) + 0.5" ice (1/19) + 1-2" snow (1/19). I took care when walking on such a snow-ice sandwich with REI Yak Trax as the snow caved soft in some places, especially at the base of curbs, and rock-hard and uneven from footprints and snowplow snowballs in others. The most awesome KEEN socks via Nordstrom Rack kept my feet warm and dry.  I navigated around fallen trees from the ice storm.

If driving speed's an indication, then some seemed to be overconfident. I jumped out of the way of a speeding wannabe-hummer, whose driver felt it appropriate to swing wide in my pedestrian direction to park in an empty lot. Plus 95 car accidents in 8 hours on the first day in Pierce and Thurston counties, and disrupted flight schedules.  Aside from all that, I'm proud of Seattle- and Renton- ites for exercising restraint by staying off the roads when possible. I encourage continued caution when driving and walking.

I recall the storm of 1996 [Gov. Lowry transcript]. I returned home on Christmas leave from my first undergraduate semester at Multnomah University. I, with neighborhood friends on Renton's West Hill, walked outside for a good three hours that night.

I love the quiet and brightness of snowy evenings. The white snow enlarges the trees and buildings and makes them seem closer.

I'm grateful for shelter and that our power stayed on most of the time save a brief 20 minute power outage yesterday morning with intermittent internet connection that died out at night.

Night walks work fantastic to ease cabin fever, which I did not have. I enjoyed chatting with neighbors, hearing kids gleefully yell and swear at the cool factor of large and crazy ice, and scurry about in ridiculous looking yet warm attire with everyone else:

All in all a fantastic night. I awoke to this glorious sunrise as the eaves dripped and tree branches breaking the fall of ice sheets that crashed to the ground in pieces:

Watch now for flooding.

Keep up to date with weather, King County Metro, Washington state declarations, and school closures. Note safety measures for power outage and stormy weather. Access more weather and a havoc recap. Beware of falling ice as the ice melts and breaks off of trees and eaves. Make the most of it and find a way to enjoy this La Niña adventure!

Special thanks to all the folks who contributed their part to serve during this storm, including government staff, energy workers, reporters, bloggers, tweeters, neighbors, and just everyday you for checking in on loved ones:

What about you? How did you enjoy the storm, or make the best of it? How are you managing the thaw?

Stunningly & Remarkably
Albeit to be Respected,
though Some Constern,


Back to PNW normal! Rain! 20 Jan 2012. Renton, Wash.