Thursday, December 15, 2011

Team WIKISPEED Seattle Area Open House

Hi Colleagues,

Whoever thought it possible to make a car run at 100 miles per gallon? Team WIKISPEED accomplished this feat in a short amount of time via Agile/Scrum methodology and an international volunteer team:

Check out this pixel-roll from their recent Seattle Area Open House in Lynnwood, Wash.:

With my communication and leadership background, I continue to be impressed at the Agile Manifesto:

?~ Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
~ Working software over comprehensive documentation
~ Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
~ Responding to change over following a plan

Indeed. Team WIKISPEED combines automotive design, software development process, and the human and social good in one speedily fantastic package, and earned a spot in Progressive's Automotive XPRIZE finalist to boot. Learn more about Agile and read TechFlash's WIKISPEED article. Be sure to watch Joe Justice's presentations on process and modularity.

With family support, Team WIKISPEED began this journey fueled by passion. Imagine with me smaller carbon footprints and happier people and more meaningful and applicable outcomes via a process that reaches cross sector while delivering rapid value.

What's your passion? Mine: I desire to influence changing how we communicate and deliver health, such as in developing more iterative, accessible, and inclusive chart narratives. I'm also interested in learning how to apply Agile/Scrum principles to writing. Perhaps that will help my edits along! What sector and social concern are you passionate about? Consider the transferable principles in Agile/Scrum. Locate your passion and then go do it!

Love cars and/or software development? Contact Team WIKISPEED for opportunities to volunteer or to purchase.  Thank you to Joe Justice and Team WIKISPEED for your hospitality!  Congrats and kudos to Team WIKISPEED for your successes thus far!