Monday, December 19, 2011

Luther's Table Benefit Concert at St. Matthew Lutheran Church

Hi Colleagues,

Luther's Table and company rocked the house at their Benefit Concert at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Renton:

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mission Developer,
Gretchen, emceed the Concert (above)

Shane Simonsen (above)

Paul Torgeson (L) rocked sound, 
and Karla Cruz (R) performed (above)

Bitter Tonic (above)
Councilperson Greg Taylor (above)
Shane Simonsen (above)
Board Director Mr. Hauer (above)
Sean Bendickson (above)
Hotdish! (above)

Rev. Martha Myers (above)

Songstress Suzanne Brewer (above)
Pastor Kirby Unti of SMLC (above)

Nina and the Big Boys (above series)
Joy to the World! (above)
Special thanks to supportive families (above)

Many community leaders, including Renton Councilperson Greg Taylor, spoke in-between sets about their support of Luther's Table and what makes LT special.  As Renton Lutheran Church's former Reverend observed, LT is the place to go to meet people, learn their story, and to start something new! Others spoke on the theme of being hospitable.  Is there room in your Inn?  How do you show the love of Christ to others?

Special thanks to Luther's Table and REACH (Renton Ecumenical Association of Churches), St. Matthew Lutheran Church, plus all the amazing performers and volunteers who made the night a raving success!  Thank you to those mission developers, church leaders, and staff who work behind the scenes to make Luther's Table the community gathering place to be in Renton. Hugs to Suzanne for the ride!

Luther's Table showcases another reason why I Love Renton and Renton is a great place to live, work, and play, but don't take my word for it.  Be sure to show the love and show up for Luther's Table live!

Visit them online for a show schedule and become a fan.  Learn more about the vision behind Luther's Table and check out past events.  See more posts on Luther's Table.

Note that Luther's Table is a mostly volunteer-run and non-tipping establishment, but they do gratefully accept your donations.  Be sure to clap, drop a spot in the barrel of monkeys, and say hi to everyone for me!  Want to support Luther's Table?  Get involved!

Please comment names for my captions so I can properly credit event volunteers. Thank you!

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