Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Citizens to Re-Elect Greg Taylor Campaign Team Celebration

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of Citizens to Re-Elect Greg Taylor's Campaign Team Celebration at the fabulous community gathering place in RentonLuther's Table:

Greg gave his team Certificates of Appreciation (above 5)

King County certified the election results on Nov. 29, 2011. The following results reflect the voter registration count as of October 27, 2011 following the official logic and accuracy test:

Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: * 19411 / 42539 45.63% 
Council Position No. 4
Sarah Sanoy-Wright 4424 28.27%
Greg Taylor 11149 71.24%
Write-in 78 0.50%

Congratulations, Greg and Team Taylor!

I volunteered my consulting services for Greg's re-election campaign to Renton City Council Position #4.  I want to apply my background in communication and writing to developing the public commons via the theme of health.  I consulted in communication strategy, event photography and planning, social media, and speech editing, and web content writing.  I'm most proud of encouraging Greg to embed his vision into his campaign strategy.

I enjoyed working on a team with broad shoulders that cared about outcomes over ego.  I attended team meetings, designed simple inquiry protocols and interacted with dignitaries as well. I spoke over the phone with Greg throughout the campaign about our shared interests in health disparity.  I proffered advice and feedback, and advised Greg about social media and social research.  I felt encouraged by our shared passion to improve health outcomes and quality of life in part through engaging diverse and underrepresented groups in the civic process.

Team Feedback

In keeping with the spirit of transparency and engagement, we celebrated our success by answering the following questions:

  1. What did you like most about being involved in the campaign? 
  2. What did you learn?
  3. Of your contribution, what did you find the most valuable? 
  4. How do you want to be involved in your city or community in the future?

I replied as follows:

  1. The theme for health and passion for engagement, open inquiry, and interaction. Learning leadership skills and behaviors from Greg, learning about political process, and meeting people, or feeling connected, to my community via my contribution.
  2. I learned that to connect to community I must contribute to it. Volunteering via vocation gives a sense of connection, influences my quality of life, and promotes health and active living.
  3. I found the strategy advice and phone conversations most valuable. I enjoyed sharing my perspective/wisdom. "By wisdom an old man saves a city" goes the proverb.
  4. Continue contributing my vocation, connecting w/people, and participating in events.

I continue to reflect on what I've learned.  I learned from Greg's outreach and conscientiousness to connect, draw people in, say hello, say thank you and show appreciation, or otherwise encourage pretty much anyone who walked by his table. I learned from his consistently positive and impassioned focus to involve people with concerns that they face and in the civic process. I liked Greg's openness to learn from others and his appreciation of a team and iterative gift-based approach.

Greg's courage to listen to his constituents and challenge other people's positions on assumptions and respectful way while maintaining his voice and clarity of focus encourage me to do the same.  Greg's leadership example combined with my participating in this process gave me courage to connect with my community by contributing my vocation.

I felt inspired by Greg's supportive and servant leadership, learned conscientiousness in my marketing and outreach, and appreciated learning how to run a grassroots, team collaborative, and iterative campaign.  I enjoy the connectivity and friendship from working on a team for a shared and important goal.  Imagine with me governance of a friendly kind!

Campaign Context

Walking to support Greg (above)
Renton River Days Parade [2011]
I first met Greg at Renton River Days last year.  Later I shared my concerns over a traffic safety issue with Greg, who coordinated a time for us to meet at Renton City Hall for me to pitch my communication strategy to address those safety concerns to Renton's Police Chief. Greg remembered my passion for communication and called me in May to ask me if I wanted to join his campaign team. Lesson: Reach out and be involved!

I had recently walked at graduation commencement for my MA in Communication & Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University.  I appreciated the opportunity to contribute to my local community via a gifts-based approach and to network and gain valued experience for my consulting work.

I volunteered with Citizens to Re-Elect Greg Taylor for 6 months. I attended the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties Campaign training school. We hosted a successful Campaign Kick-Off event, walked in the Renton River Days parade and attended the Municipal League of King County's Ratings Party for Greg's Outstanding rating.  Greg campaigned uniquely via embedding his vision into his campaign strategy, or reaching out to diverse communities to involve them in the political process believing that doing so will improve health and quality of life outcomes for all Renton residents. I supported Greg for this passion for health and engagement.

Serving Renton Residents with Visionary & Collaborative Leadership

Learn more about Greg Taylor's vision for Renton.

Thanks & Kudos

Special thanks to the campaign team, volunteers, sponsors, endorsers, and supporters!  We appreciate the time and energy you gave to support Greg Taylor's Re-Election to Renton City Council!  Thank you to Greg for inviting us to participate in this important process.  In all I'm grateful to celebrate my first successful sustained volunteer effort in politics.  I feel satisfied knowing that we hold Renton in good hands!