Monday, November 28, 2011

Downtown Seattle | Westlake Center Tree & Macy's Star Lighting

Hi Colleagues,

It's that time of year again!  

Seattleites came out in droves to observe the Westlake Center Tree & Macy's Star lighting in downtown Seattle announced in part by none other than a Gonzaga University (my alma mater) student:

"One small child..." (above)

As usual, I loved walking in a crowd in downtown Seattle, which illustrates a healing for me. Of course this year, tensions remained, but of the ironic kind:  Protester signs from Buy More Stuff, a dozen or so bike police lined up instead of the twelve days of Christmas, several families pushing strollers slowly through the mass, a street percussionist who really jammed and smiled at my, "Happy Thanksgiving," and smiling people singing, Jingle Bells.

People! (above)
All in all I enjoyed the lighting.  Though I'm Seattle Born & Raised, this was my first trip to watch them light the tree and star.  I appreciate Macy's resisting the popularity of christophobia by being old-school and displaying a star.  That warms my heart!  Snowflakes and snowpeople melt. Thank you!  Give me a star any day!

I arrived just in time.  That's the theme for this holiday season:  No worries because all will work out in due time.  Just do your part and show up. 


So be free to keep the season bright with your smile, be happy, relish in the simple pleasures, and try not to run over too many people's toes with your shopping cart!  Put positively, enjoy this season of Light and, building from Auld Lang Syne, fill a cup with Kindness Near!

Merry Christmas, and all that jazz!