Monday, October 3, 2011

Oregon | Timberline Lodge

Hi Colleauges,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of the famous Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood in Oregon:

This fireplace goes up the center of the lodge (above)

The movie The Shining regrettably made the lodge famous. I say regrettably because now some people think the lodge spooky or outright fear it! As for me, I've a sentiment for old things, especially during the '20s-40s time range.

In any case, I shadowed the tour going on at the time.  Per the guide, the US Park Service partners with Timberline Lodge for a unique private-public venture to preserve the historic Lodge.  I liked hearing the wind snap the flags and seeing the many faces below the flags from different places together appreciating this place.  The view heralded blue upon blue, for which we gray-laden Seattleites appreciate.

President Roosevelt (FDR) and his wife visited and spoke to a crowd gathered on Mt. Hood on September 28, 1937.  FDR dedicated the lodge as a “testament to the workers on the rolls of the Works Progress Administration.” This partnership philosophy goes with my persuasion that cross-sector overlaps benefit the public commons.  Perhaps this lodge reminds us to collaborate and support each other's sectors for the public good, especially in hard times.

I enjoyed the "Infinity Loop" to Mt. Hood and Timberline Lodge, watched the orchards go by in Wine Country, stopped for dinner in Hood River, and then watched the sunset along the Columbia River Gorge.

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