Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Idaho | Couer d'Alene

Hi Colleauges,

We enjoyed our visits to Couer d'Alene when in the area for my MA residencies and graduation.  We enjoyed the needed respite in CDA, especially relaxing at Calypsos, a fabulous coffee shop whose fabulousness we've yet to see duplicated though we're from Seattle. We liked walking at the lake and downtown. Enjoy this pixel-roll of our visit:

Calypsos Coffee & Creamery (above)

Salmon=Pacific Northwest region! (above 2) 
Lake Couer d'Alene on a cloudy day (above)
This post is part of my community profile series, or travel reflections on people and place, and how the two together organize and proffer a sense of community through interactions online and off via producing and sharing creative intermedia content.  This content includes photographs, audiovisuals, and narrative of people, places, and events.

Gonzaga taught me many things, including envision a bright future for yourself and act on that vision in keeping with its mission to develop learners so we can apply our gifts for a beneficial purpose.  In such ways we communicate leadership.  For instance, photographing and producing intermedia texts about people, places, and events provides a platform to connect with others and myself.  Doing so is part of who I am.  Applying travel to the benefit of society and governance makes sense and is possible with precedence.  For instance, Australia created sustainable tourism centre and provides online resources.

I appreciate how this community profile series comes full circle with graduating with my MA and experiencing new and exciting travels.  This post of our visit to CDA nods to the skills I learned in part from Gonzaga. I learned this digital mediated approach to consulting as writing community profile via my practicum residency coursework partial requirement for my MA. Digital tourism intersects with health, education, and international relations.

Overall these community profiles have given me a method to show how digital a place makes, a practice that I am persuaded bears importance for international relations, health, and education, or developing a public commons to connect with others and place in wholesome and collegiate ways and for beneficial and friendly outcomes.  We need such virtues to be socially just, sustainable, and successfully thriving societies in a world whose entropy seems to drag us down to the opposite, or ends of ourselves. So instead of degenerating, regenerate. Find your art form, employ it for good, and travel with those you love. Choosing to communicate energy constructively wherever you go constitutes a leadership behavior.

In what way(s) do you contribute your gift(s) and network to be a global citizen?  
What does travel teach you?

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Ever Exploring;
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Ever Fabulous;
Ever Pristine!