Saturday, May 26, 2012

Portland, OR | Saturday Market, Oldtown, & the Waterfront

Hi Colleauges,

I enjoy getaways to PortlandOregon.  My favorite place? Saturday Public Market (also on Sundays). I love photo-walks. Enjoy this pixel-roll of historic Oldtown:

The market and Ankeny Plaza (above 4)

Professional street performer/busker rule of thumb:
If you watch 1 song or set, or take a photo,
then pay them (above 2)

Willamette River waterfront (above 3)

Portland public light rail The MAX.
The MAX runs through Ankeny Plaza.
I took The MAX when an undergrad here years back (above 4)

Hotel 50 (above 2)

Walking through Oldtown to Chinatown (above 3)
Portland Fire Department (above)
The market is near Oldtown/Chinatown
on the waterfront (above)
At the market I ate four Japanese-style crepes (not all at once). I enjoyed tea and coffee at Purest Cafe.

Ah, the making of my crepe (above)

I discovered my love for public markets starting with my city's Pike Place.  I began planning vacations with markets in mind starting with Granville Island in Vancouver, BC.  Now I <3 public markets!

I seek out public markets as a vacation stop. I can finally eat out at more at ease knowing what's in the food and support locally sourced and produced food.  As one coffee purveyor said, they make their own syrups to keep with the market philosophy of hand made and local:  From our hands to yours. Public markets rock it when they source food from local farmers' markets. Public and farmers' markets develop community.

I'll admit I feel better when I see food handlers wear gloves, but aside from that worry over hygiene, I'd rather eat at a public open air market where I can walk and eat at the same time on a small budget than feel trapped in a sticky booth inside with flies buzzing around the place and a moldy smelling air vent... but I digress.  I've found market food to often taste better, be healthier, and made by people who care about their product.  Plus produce endears in a down-to-earth sort of way. So colorful, geometric, and flavorful without any nasty industry add-ons.

Besides my eating preferences, public markets bring peace and friendliness to a locale given their open-air format and that they provide resources such as food and entertainment.  Healthy societies need a public commons for arts, commerce, and public health.  Find a farmer's or public market near you and support it!

Prior to market adventures, I drove the "Infinity Loop" to Mt. Hood and Timberline Lodge, watched the orchards go by in Wine Country, stopped for dinner in Hood River, and then watched the sunset along the Columbia River Gorge.  I then arrived in PortlandOregon.

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Here's to Healthy Noms & Happy Walking Creative People in Public!