Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2300 Mile PNW Tour | Northwest Trek, Yakama Nation, & the Columbia River Gorge

Hi Neighbors,

In 2007 We enjoyed a 2300 mile (3700.7 km) road trip through Washington and Oregon Central High Desert, the Oregon coast, and Yakama Nation and the Columbia Gorge.

Northwest Trek, Yakama Nation, & the Columbia River Gorge

After visiting the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, We set out east on We-90 longing for more open terrain, blue sky, cotton clouds, and, most of all, sun.  We headed to the city with 300+ days/year of sunshine:  Toppenish, Where the West Still Lives, rated top 20 places to live by American Cowboy Magazine (2009), and home of the Northwest Pacific Railroad Museum though for some odd reason We've photos of the Trek, but none of Toppenish:

Searchin' for grubs, which spilled out of her pocket
and the skunk overate! (above)

On this segment We also visited the Yakama Nation Cultural Heritage Center before heading south on US Route 97 to Goldendale, The Golden Gate to the Evergreen State, and you can see why:

The Columbia River Gorge offers much to enjoy.  We arrived just past closing to the Maryhill Art Museum with living peacocks in the lawn, so headed east a spell to see the Stonehenge Memorial:

We stayed one night in The Dalles, alleged end of the OR Trail, where We dined at a yummy bakery/brewery, and visited the high quality Columbia Gorge Discovery Center & Wasco County History Museum:

More yummy wind! (above)
We then continued west to enjoy the OR side of the Gorge, pausing at the Cascade Locks, just in time to see the Portland Spirit Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler:

Awesome pic by James (above)

Sternwheeler and fire on WA side (above)
The fire had closed the highway

We felt glad We traveled on the OR side)

We walked up to the bridge at Multnomah Falls, the 2nd highest year-round falls at 620' (188.97 meters) in the US (the 1st is Yosemite).  Note that you must exit left and not from the right lane off of We-84 to see Multnomah Falls:

Thank you, James, for being an amazing husband and friend. I cherish our time together! Thank you for taking us on this fun trip because I have good and happy memories. Thank you for the pictures. I love you with all my heart always in all ways.

Ever Together;
Together Ever Enjoying;
Together Ever Exploring;
Together Ever Growing;
Together Ever Pristine;
Together Ever In Love!


We write Yakama Nation in honor of the nation that came before the USA.  The area is often referred to as Yakima County.