Monday, October 31, 2011

City of Renton | Olde Fashioned Halloween Party

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of Renton's annual Olde Fashioned Halloween Party downtown:

Blue sky! (above)
Loved the spide-y web! (above)

Carnival games to win prizes (above)
3 Boos! (above)
Complete with dry ice... (above)

... an arachnid ... (above)

... and a cat! (above)
My all-time favorite game when
I attended holiday carnivals
 as a kiddo: all you have to do
is stand there,
wait patiently,
and you get a prize! (above)
Many families brought their children...
some parents even dressed up (above)

My vote for best costume!
Thanks to her parents
for permission to photograph (above)

Business owners decorate their windows
and hand out candy to trick o' treaters (above)
Be sure to attend next year!
For my friend's
Lucky Duck's adventures! (above)
Thankfully this year sunshine and blue sky welcomed Rentonistas and beyond to enjoy being out-of-doors and interacting with downtown businesses and other families.  Today's event let kids be kids, and adults joined in the fun, too, whether dressing up themselves (hats off to the Catwoman!) or returning to shops later to... shop (ahem, that would be me).  

I procured a fine artisan glass charm, a red choral necklace, and a nifty red sparkly scarf from happy delusions.  So do buy local especially for your gift shopping this holiday season at the many fun shops in DTR (downtown Renton).

Special thanks to Mary Clymer at happy delusions for inviting me to photograph the event, and to event organizers, area businesses, volunteers, and participants for enhancing local quality of life in Renton!  Want to see more cute kid photos? Read a Renton mom's trip trick o' treating with her kids.

So here's for yet another reason why I Love Renton and Renton is a great place to live, work, and play, but don't take my word for it. Be sure to attend next year's party, and keep your ear on the ground for upcoming holiday events.

As for us, we dressed up to answer our neighbors' kind invite to their Costume part-ay last night:  I, a punk rocker student from outer space.

I can be oh so practical sometimes.  I bought a costume that I can wear again sans wig!  Those leg warmers will come in pretty handy this winter.  Plus they're red.  I like red (Go Zags!).

In any case, I gave my wig a haircut with some gel putty since it wasn't lookin' too good out of the bag.  Actually, I flinched when walking past the piece as it sat on the dining room table.  It seriously looked like an animal. Read: Party animal!

In other news, as I visited my dentist for my annual cleaning recently. Here's a reminder:

Finally, this time of year provides a foil for our fears.  Let this time of year remind us to drop our guards, face our masks (not necessarily shed, for donning masks is a creative act and must have some value), and have fun!

Beyond that:

Be safe,
Be well,
Play nice,
and remember to
Brush your teeth tonight!