Thursday, September 1, 2011

Washington State Ferries | Pt. Angeles to Seattle via Bremerton

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of our ferry ride from Bremerton to Seattle:

Seattle skyline reflected in ferry glass (above)
I love Puget SoundFerry rides, sea-salt wind breezing my face, and scenic vistas of island evergreens and lavender tinted Mt. Rainier glacial peaks amid a backdrop drenched in blue! 

We also love the Olympic Peninsula.  After a jaunt to Hurricane RidgeOlympic Park Institute, and Pt. Angeles, we took the ferry home.  It's shorter than a drive around the peninsula and you'd have to pay tolls at the Tacoma Narrows anyways.  Besides, as we've already established, ferry rides are pretty! 

Transportation and the Sound intertwine with commerce.  Puget Sound makes much of our culture, community, and customers here.  I love to stand at the front and let the air blow through my hair.  Some vessels have been around a long time. The Puget Sound region presents unique transportation challenges to connect locales spread out amid hills, valleys, and islands and halved by two main meandering waterways:  Puget Sound and Lake Washington (not to mention local rivers).

If you journey here for any amount of time, I must warn you. The longer you stay, the more Puget Sound drips into your veins and takes hold of you.  It will be harder to leave, but that's okay because there's plenty of island, port towns, and waterways to explore!   So we take care of Puget Sound.  That's what love does. 

Be sure to visit the Olympic Peninsula and all its wonders, and when you do, relish that ferry ride!

Puget Sound in my veins,