Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vancouver, BC | Granville Island!

Hi Foodies,

I absolutely adored Granville Island at VancouverBC:

Picnic view from Granville! (above)

Follow your [He]art! (above)  

From Granville you can cross to downtown
or take boat tours (above)

Car charging station (above) 

Natalie assisting with tea selection
at the Granville Island Tea Co. (above)
I loaded up on tea and enjoyed a variety of foods.  I learned of Granville Island Public Market via my hotel search.  I booked a hotel with walking distance access.  We walked along the False Creek seawall to the market, and from there, took the Aquabus, and from Yaletown boarded Skytrain and then footed it through the downtown centre to the waterfront, Gastown, and Chinatown.  I highly recommend visiting Granville Island if you're in VancouverBC!  Granville Island is such a fabulous place, so be sure that you visit more than once in a great while... :D

A woman wore an I <3 Granville Island t-shirt. Indeed! I finally eat out at ease knowing what's in the food.  The food tastes delish.  I love love tea and found a tea mecca.  The people were friendly.  I met people from around the world.  The birds made me laugh like a school girl.  I relaxed picnicking on the pier.  I discovered the wonders of the Aquabus.  I'm from Seattle, so enjoy public markets (shout-out to Pike Place!). 

I support locally sourced food.  I believe it important to develop a public commons for arts, commerce, tourism for weary travellers who want to befriend each other in this amazing international city.  I burned off food walking along the seawall.  I like that I could use the king of transport:  my own feet!  I enjoyed the blue-drop view of False Creek and the sky sandwiching the city.  Lest I sound too noble or nostalgic, permit me to return to my first point:  I liked eating on a small budget and eating well!

Interested in visiting my town? Check out our farmer's market (summers only).  Learn more about trips to BC, join me on my travels, and discover for yourself what Canada has to offer!