Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vancouver, BC | Transportation Infrastructure, Idle Free BC, and All Hail the Aquabus

Hi Global Citizens,

Enjoy these transportation adventures of VancouverBC:

Searching for a Way Out (above)


Main transport: Feet! I like to walk and explore. While in Vancouver, I walked along the seawall to frequent Granville Island Public Market, and from there, took the Aquabus, and from Yaletown boarded TransLink and then footed it through downtown to the waterfront, Gastown, and Chinatown.  As you can see, the seawall sports a pretty fantastic walk!  I loved seeing the view at sunset.  What a relaxing ride meets city tour!

Chugging along! (above)

BC Place Stadium (above 2)

Many watercraft along the way (above series)
This one hails from Down Under (take us with you!)!  (above)

Isn't the Aquabus cute? (above)
I respected BC's emphasis on idle free (below signage courtesy Idle Free Resources' Community Idle Free Signs). Haste makes waste and turn off those engines to save money and create healthy environment .  Plus there's the Vancouver Greenest City Action Team.  I want to put up such signs in my home city. Idling costs air and noise pollution and wastes fuel and money. My marketing attempt for idle free Pacific Northwest: Park it and Turn the Key! Design urban centres and public transport for healthy environmental outcomes as with Beautiful British Columbia's motto,

Splendor sine occasu
(English: Splendour without diminishment
Francais: Éclat sans ternissure)

I appreciate public transport for its ability to intersect commerce, recreation, and tourism as a public commons.  I like the convenience and speed. I like walking in a city core. Designing cities with density for commerce, recreation, and tourism means concentrating city cores and resisting the urge to sprawl. Sprawl dimishes resources and burdens transportation infrastructure and cost for government and residents. Designing quality, accessible, clean, strategic, and affordable public transportation frees time to invest in goings-on of importance to us instead of being stuck in traffic commute.  Trust me, I know.  I'm from Seattle-metro.  

Additionally, I appreciated healthy food vendors such as Jugo Juice in TransLink terminals. No added sugar I'm told.  Take it a step further and add gluten-free, rice, and vegan menu options.  We can, per an American saying, "Get more bang for our buck," by overlapping public health with urban design, which includes, in large part, transportation structure.  With a little forethougth and foresight, we can improve health outcomes for societies "on the go" with transportation infrastructure that also houses nutritious fast food and public markets.  The short of it:  Transportation constitutes a public commons and thus merits public input and consideration.  Read my posts about transportation.

The other side... Yaletown (above)
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Safe, healthy, and happy travels!