Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vancouver, BC | Gastown, Chinatown, & the Waterfront

Hi Colleauges,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of Vancouver, BC, Canada's Gastown, Chinatown, and waterfront:

View of Harbour Centre
and the Vancouver Lookout (above)

I enjoyed lunch at Salty Tongue, and Chinatown's Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and tea from Ten Lee Hong Enterprises.  Then a nice respite at Gastown's Coffee Bar, where I enjoyed a cup of vanilla rooibus.  From there I walked back to the city centre and took the rail back to West Broadway only to pause to hear the Disney cruise vessel's farewell horn as it pulled out of port (to the tune of it's a small world...) at the waterfront.

Enjoying being backwards for once (only once? :D above)

Wensy helped us to select
medium grade Pu'erh and Tie Kuan Yin teas (above)

My main transport while in Vancouver: my two feet! I need better walking shoes. 

Two people warned us to avoid Chinatown past main street, but I prefer to experience a place firsthand.  I discovered many markets, and yes, that part of town seemed less tidy, but let's support revitalization efforts to improve prosperity, access, and health outcomes for people living, business, and visiting.  Besides, I found the best loose leaf ti kuan yin oolong tea and pre-sliced ginseng roots!

Learn more about my trip to BC, join me on my travels, and discover for yourself what Canada has to offer!

Live well and be for real!