Saturday, September 3, 2011

Port Orchard | Gateway to Hood Canal

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of Port Orchard on Washington's Kitsap Peninsula:

We found a reprinted black and white photo of University of Washington's Rainier Vista, but taken from south-north, from the late 1800s in a local gift shop.  The women wore long dresses and hats, and the men wore suits and top hats.  We now display that photo in our library loft.  See more UW campus photos.

I like to recommend people road-trip in loops.  For instance, after Port Orchard, be sure to head north to see the Hood Canal, its many quaint towns, and to visit the Olympic Peninsula and all its wonders, including Hurricane Ridge! Then take a ferry from Bremerton to Seattle and enjoy downtown, including Pike Place and then even eat on the Ave and take a stroll on campus in the U-District if you have time.  Let me know what you enjoy about Port Orchard... and beyond!

Puget Sound in my veins,