Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Decade of Remembrance | The Sun Rises and Sets

Hi Colleagues,

Here I close this year's 9/11 Decade of Remembrance series to commemorate the tenth anniversary 9/11 by sharing a pixel-roll of sunrise and sunset images, followed by a haiku that I wrote:

9/11 Sunrise (above series)
There will be Trees with 
Healing in their Leaves...

The Tree of Life will bring 
Healing to all Nations...

Here is the haiku that I wrote after watching the sun set:

Blue sky yellow ball 
Earth breaks your fall from Glory
Then you rise again

That about sums things up for me.  Otherwise, as a haiku, all things in life have their seasons.  Be free to read more of my 9/11 and remembrance posts.  Thank you for staying with me.

Be well, go in Peace,
and Kindly...