Saturday, September 3, 2011

Classic Car Photography | Hot Rod Roll-Out

Hi Colleagues,

I photograph classic cars, hot rods, and car shows.  Enjoy this pixel-roll of classic car and hot rod photography:

1937 Ford Cabriolet Convertible Prep N Roll-Out (above series)

This Ford hot rod shares the love and shows us that world peace is possible by sporting a Corvette engine, Nautilus suspension, and that satisfying vR-ooomm-ahahah and rumble.  Dad took me for a ride and it's always fun when people drive by and wave.

Congratulations to Dan and crew for this fabulous car representing 6+ years of work, elbow grease, and TLC! She's garnered her fair share of trophies and is well known on the show circuit since this roll-out.  Hi-fives all-around!  Incidentally, Dan is my dad, so he gets a hug, too!

Thank you for viewing!  Kudos and thanks to the car owners for doing their part to restore and share history and for letting me photograph their rides and so making me look good.  A shout out to Rillos Restoration and my dad for best of paint!  Check them out for your auto restoration needs.  Be free to contact me to photograph your awesome automobile!