Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beautiful British Columbia | Views and Vistas of the Gulf Islands

Hi Colleauges,

I enjoyed a trip to Canada recently.  I visited Victoria and Vancouver, BC.  BC Ferries proffered a platform to behold positively beautiful vistas along the BC Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island:

The Swartz Bay terminal (above)

Honked at this fellow twice +
he finally moved over :D (above)

Approaching Boundary Bay in Tsawwassen (above)
Beautiful Open Sea, Blue, and Sky, oh my! (above)
I joked that the cool sea air provided nature's anti-inflammatory.  Bothered, sore, or annoyed?  Take a ferry ride.  Drink in the landscape with your eyes.  Breathe deeply.  Hear the gulls and hushed voices.  Smell the sea air that tugs and pulls through your hair.  Appreciate all that water!  You'll feel better.  Trust me.

BC's transit system overall impressed us.  I enjoyed photographing scenic vistas from the sundeck of our vessel Celebration.  The wind on-board and the velvet blue vistas took my breath away and made my eyes water.  These views boasted gorgeous even when tempered by gray cloud cover.

Learn more about BC travels, among others, and discover what Canada has to offer!

All Aboard!