Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beautiful British Columbia | BC Ferries

Hi Colleauges,

I enjoyed a trip to Canada recently.  BC Ferries proved to be a highlight as I journeyed through the Strait of Georgia with views and vistas of the Gulf Islands:

I traveled from Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, with its two mile human-made causeway, to Victoria, stayed two nights in Victoria, then returned voyage to drive north to Vancouver:

BC Ferries (above series)
BC's transit system overall impressed us.  I enjoyed photographing scenic vistas from the sundeck.  The vessel Celebration positively loomed with three decks for cars, and four for humans.  I found the terminals to be clean, modern, hi-tech, and easy to learn and quick to navigate. The wind on-board and the velvet blue vistas took my breath away and made my eyes water... literally!  The view boasted gorgeous even when tempered by gray cloud cover.

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