Monday, August 15, 2011

Seattle, WA | Woodland Park Zoo

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this pixel-roll and intermedia montage of Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Wash., USA:

Flower beetles eat a banana (above)
Crayfish (above)
Orangutan (above)
Python (above)
Lioness showing us how to nap in the sun (above)
Elephants (above)
The human exhibit ;D (above)

Stickbugs (above)
Canopy (above)
Flamingos (above)
White goose, while the minority, 
his honk more than makes up for it! (above)
Heart (above)
Sloth bear (above)
Toddler (above)
Bear: Can you tell which kind? (above)
Otter (above)
Elk (above)

Eagle (above 2)
Owl: Type? (above)

Elephants (above)
Komodo Dragon (above)
African dog or dingo? Do you know? (above)
Gorilla: My favorite image (above)

Foreground / Background (above 2)
Zebras (above)

"African Village" (above 2)
Hippopotamus (above)
Emu (above)
Kangaroos (above)
Indeed! Be sure to go!
My favorite creatures, besides my family of course, were the armadillo, turtles, elephants, lioness, penguins, gorilla, and the bug exhibit.  Wait until after the credits and you will understand why I must take care with birds!

Be free to visit the zoo and learn more about my community profiles!