Monday, August 22, 2011

Unnatural Causes Dialogue Training

Hi Colleagues,

This weekend I attended dialogue facilitation training facilitated by two women from King County at Renton Public Health Center for Campaign Team Taylor. We watched a segment of Unnatural causes... is inequality making us sick?, discussed as a group our responses, and then learned how to facilitate such a group in the future.

Enjoy this pixel-roll of our insightful event:

The course's themes resonated with my research to understand and recommend interventions for communicating and organizing for health, education, and the public commons.  The themes also matched Citizens to Re-elect Greg Taylor's campaign message for engaging Renton's diverse communities to improve access to health, education, housing, employment, economic development, community engagement, and overall quality of life.  

Additionally, the documentary influenced public policy by King County adopting The King County Equity & Social Justice Initiative as an ordinance.  So you see, the arts and social sciences can contribute to social justice issues, which can then contribute to quality of life.

Contact me if you want to participate in the next dialogue. Read the book The art of focused conversations: 100 ways to access group wisdom in the workplace, watch the documentary Unnatural causes, and learn more about group facilitation courses by The Institute of Cultural Affairs International.  If you like or appreciate this work, please be sure to follow these organizations on their channels, comment here, and help spread the word in your locale!

Thank you for reading,