Monday, August 8, 2011

Thesis Arrives from ProQuest/UMI

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of me receiving a bound copy of my Master's Thesis from ProQuest/UMI for my MA in Communication and Leadership Studies with Gonzaga University: one for my library and one for Foley's Theses Library:

Thesis Genre & Reach

Building from narrative medicine, I classify the thesis as narrative healthcare, or intermedia (e.g., poems and photographs produced on a blog), for the broad purpose of making meaning and healing from a painful or difficult experience involving loss or illness.  Narrative medicine cannot fully affect change given its limited focus to clinicians and medicine as a motif for health.  While important, there are many more ways we organize and apply health.  Healing involves reconciling expectations in a healthy way to contribute life in a meaningful and productive way.  

I draw on a gifts-based approach that appreciates applying creativity and qualitative research to health contexts.  I believe that doing so will challenge assumptions, shift paradigms, confront biases and stigmas, and greater empower constituents, clinicians, and societies to work together to build a healthy[ier] future than our current mainstream system can provide.

Since graduation, I've been consulting persons and organizations in their communication and social media strategies and by producing creative content related to health, education, and politics. Learn more about my consulting work and access past research.  If you find yourself perusing volumes at Foley, be sure to check out my thesis, or for fun, take a photo and email it to me!  Thank you for reading! 


Please Attribute

Rosko, D.M. (2010, December 17).  Master’s Thesis:  Performing Impressionistic Autoethnographic Narrative in Text and Pixels to Explore Fear of Death in End-of-Life Care-Giving Contexts.  Spokane, WA:  Gonzaga University.  ComL 680, Section A3, Thesis Director Nobuya Inagaki; Mentor Lois Melina.

Author’s Note

Please visit The Living Memorial at (give me a "Like" on Facebook!) to learn more about healing in loss via faith, remembrance, and the digital and performance arts.  I designed this site as an outcome of my Thesis (access all posts labeled "Thesis").  Also interact with the full blog "Remembrance" text of my Thesis.  Keep in touch with my endeavors at Dena Rosko and Text and Pixels.