Monday, August 8, 2011

North Bend, WA | Snoqualmie Falls

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of Snoqualmie Falls near North Bend, or about 45 minutes east of downtown Seattle:

25 March 2012 (above)

Salish Lodge (above)

Snoqualmie Falls remains one of Washington state’s most popular scenic attractions. More than 1.5 million visitors come to the Falls every year. You will find a two-acre park, observation deck, gift shop, and the famous 270 foot waterfall (Source). Currently the Falls has expanded to two new observation decks. The upper hiking trail will be closed until 2013 due to this expansion. Listen to the Falls!

You can day-trip to the falls, hike to the bottom, stay or plan your special event at the Salish Lodge to recuperate, and visit nearby North Bend, where the Railway Museum, the Outlet Mall and a slice of the infamous Twin Peaks' cherry pie await. We enjoy SnoValley Coffee. I like them as they sell loose leaf tea and it's fun to warm up and chat after being misted by the falls.

When a teenager I won a music album, Under the waterfall, by poetic and multi-genre songstress Cindy Morgan. The album became a fast favorite. Lately (2012 Mar 25) I've contemplated the courage required to dive and delve deeper into life.

C.S. Lewis called us to "Come higher up! Come further in!" Sometimes I wonder if courage beckons us not to the inspiration of what we can explore or find, but our willingness to "keep our head in every situation" (2 Tim. 2:4-5) as waters press upon us in darker and deeper spaces in life.

Sometimes life hikes up a hillside, out of breath, but in full shape, and other times life crashes down as a waterfall leaving us holding our breath with pressure and noise in our ears, and wondering when we can take our next breath.

In such moments the Falls helps me to relax, regroup, feel the mist on our face, hear the roar of water, feel each others' soft skin as we hold each other's hands, and remember for a brief moment that we live in a big and beautiful world.

Enjoy more Snoqualmie Falls coverage.

[In the Deep],
Deep calls to Deep,