Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seattle Seafair | Museum of Flight, Blue Angels, & Aviation

Hi Colleagues,

This time of year I-90 closes, my aunt and uncle put a large banner on their roof, and Seattle spends their lunches cheering about the roar of engines overhead.  Seafair celebrates Seattle's maritime history and proves to be one of my favorite festivals of the year.  Enjoy this pixel-roll of the Blue Angels, an aircraft carrier (USS Kittyhawk), and the Museum of Flight:

During the air show (above 2)
Fat Albert (above)

Me N Mom aboard the USS Kittyhawk, August 1995 (above)
Baby birds in nest in engine! (above)

The Boeing Employees' Concert Band (above)

A former Air Force One (above 2)
Shout out to my West Hill crew! (above)
Mom and I loved Seafair when I was a teenager.  We hosted sailors two summers in a row, and visited the Museum of Flight daily during Blue Angels' practice runs.  Some girls liked shopping, but I preferred the smell of diesel on an aircraft carrier, the scream of jet engines overhead, and the heat wave from a F-16's exhaust.  I was so enthralled that I sketched pictures that I gave to the crew chief, who liked my artwork so much that he gave Mom and I a private tour of Fat Albert, the C-130 used to transport crew and equipment for the Blue Angels.  I even climbed up the ladder of the lead plane, the metal of which hot from the summer heat.  So you see, art and Mom make opportunities!  

Seattle's best kept secret IMO (second to the myth that it rains here 9 months of the year... it's just cloudy), few people seem to know that you can go to the Museum of Flight during the week and watch the show, complete with The Boeing Employees' Concert Band and a FA-18 that inevitably buzzes or even sonic booms the crowd from overhead.  While you can't see the tricks over the water, you can see the team fly over the West Hill and the 6 Hornets fly low in formation upside down with their landing gear open.

So to me, Seafair largely means the Museum of Flight and Blue Angels.  Aside from that, I love the Pier and Puget Sound!  Many locales celebrate Seafair in their own way with parades and festivals.  Be sure to visit the Museum of Flight, home of the supersonic Concorde, and participate with area Seafair attractions such as Renton River Days and Kent Cornucopia Days!

Seafair showcases yet another reason why I'm Seattle born and raised and I Love Renton as Renton is a great place to live, work, visit, and play!  Come and join in the fun!