Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Manito Park | Conservatory

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of the City of Spokane's Parks and Recreation's intriguing Conservatory at Manito Park:

I Love the Peace Lily (above)

We enjoyed Manito Park after my residencies for my MA in Communication and Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University.  We liked the park so much we took our family there after graduation.

Since 1903, Manito Park, located on Spokane's South Hill neighborhood, showcases its immaculate five gardens plus a duck pond to over 150,000 tourists per year.  The gardens include the Japanese Garden, the Duncan Garden, the Perennial Garden, the Rose Hill Garden, and the Conservatory.

I liked the Conservatory best because I'm a curious person and the foliage and cacti grow in such dramatic and unique geometric shapes.  These hardy (yet deep-down sensitive I just know it!) plants are the only ones that survive my gardening thumb. My aloe vera plant has a hardy spirit indeed, from surviving the bumpy ride home on my bike rack, to multiple moves during my undergraduate years, to a fungus gnat infestation from bad soil, to changing temperatures in my kitchen:

My aloe vera in 2007 (above)
So unless it's fake, hardy, or a cut rose, orchid, or gerber daisy (putting my vote in!), or is sentient and so can take care of itself, you may want to defer from giving me house plants.  Instead, let's visit a nearby park, such as the magnificent Manito!  Be sure to visit Manito Park! Stop by on your lunch, meet friends, take your classroom or family. This park is accessible and beautiful!  Support The Friends of Manito, whose mission includes conducting educational, volunteer, and fundraising activities for the park and its members in collaboration with the City of Spokane and other partners.

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