Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best of Sushi | Sushi Cafe

Hi Colleagues,

Continuing my Best Of series, Sushi Cafe wins Best of Sushi!

Jackie gives us this generous dessert! (above)

My favorites include avocado, asparagus, oshinko, and smoked salmon (raw) maki or nigiri.  I also enjoy the summer and Seattle roll, but never with mayo (that's just me).  When I'm craving sweet I order a tamago nigiri.  Jackie always serves our rolls on creative plateware.  Plus he is gracious as I chat, ask questions, and ask for modifications such as steamed instead of tempura, hold the mayo, and always extra ginger and wasabi! :D

Everything is fresh down to the real crab legs (none of that nasty wheat stuff).  When I'm done with my plate, I like eating my husband's sweet basil prawns.  They use the same quality sushi rice for their kitchen dishes (none of that nasty gooey/crunchy stuff like elsewhere).  Oh and they do eel right:  served warm with the house sauce that takes Jackie 3 hours to make (eat the eel nigiri for dessert).  Fabulous ambiance also.  I love to chat with Jackie and his family and learn about their craft.  Most of all:  They serve hot genmaicha tea in authentic ceramic cups!  Love!

Be sure to visit and enjoy the many creative and delicious sushi rolls, raw or cooked, at Sushi Cafe.  Also enjoy their kitchen dishes, salads, sashimi, and yes, oh, yes, the banana fritters with mango, green tea, or red bean ice cream.  New to sushi? Come at lunch and try their kitchen dish or sushi bento box. 

Show the love for this locally run and family-owned cafe.  Their organic ginger alone is worth the trip (none of that nasty pink stuff!).  Tempted to buy grocery store sushi? Resist!  Contemplating trendy conveyor belt sushi? Resist!  Come here instead! Your wallet, stomach, and pallet will thank you!  

Sushi Cafe showcases another reason why I Love Renton and Renton is a great place to live, work, and play.  Be sure to help make Jackie and his family's place famous by visiting often!  Help make the Renton East Highlands hoppin'!  Think you're too far?  Is there such a thing as too far for good sushi?  Follow Jackie's credo and travel far for good food!  Too tired to stop by? They do take out!  See my reviews on Yelp for more foodie reviews.

Happy Sushi=Happy Tummy!