Monday, July 11, 2011

Return to Renton Car Show [2011]

Hi Neighbors,

Return to Renton Car Show 2011 (above)
Years ago people "cruised the loop" in downtown Renton.  Fast forward to 2011 for another fabulous year celebrating cars, history, and people at the Return to Renton Car Show at the Piazza and downtown Renton, and all for a good cause!  Enjoy this pixel-roll of the event beginning with a brief audiovisual montage:

My parent's '37 Ford Cabriolet Convertible (above)

RHS alum Michael Little's VW camping bus (above)

Antique N boutique N indie shops DTR (above)

Excellent hair salon/barber shop! (above)
I liked the tear drops; don't see them often (above)
Now he's plumb-tuckered out! So cute (above)

Love the maglite! Nice, practical, N matching touch (above)

Porsche w/Modded Front End; Dad liked this car (above)
Renton Transit Center & City Clock (above)

Congrats to the "Best in Show" winner! (above)

Our ride in the Piazza parking garage ;D (above)
Thank you to all participants, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees.  Congrats to all the award winners!  I continue to be impressed with the class and passion of car enthusiasts and Renton residents' enthusiasm to bring culture and community to the downtown core.  Kudos to my dad and other car owners, restorers, builders, N rodders for your quality workmanship.  I respect your hobby as it brings people together to celebrate history.  

Dad said he hoped someone else would win an award this year (he won Best in Show last year and Participants' Choice, now People's Choice, and Best in Paint in 2008).  I appreciate Dad's sharing attitude.  I learn from Dad to produce quality work, reach out to your colleagues, pray, and relax when it's time to celebrate!  I enjoy photographing the rods and mingling with people as I walk in the streets.  I recognized many friends and familiar faces.  I liked chatting with family, meeting Dad's friends from the show circuit, and the rr-rr-vrooom-rumble! when the cars start their engines!  This car show is one reason why I Love Renton!

Enjoy text and pixels from last year.  Until next year!