Saturday, July 23, 2011

Renton River Days | Parade [2011]

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this intermedia montage and pixel-roll of the 26th Renton River Days parade in Renton, Wash.  This year I walked in the parade to support Citizens to Re-Elect Greg Taylor as I'm volunteering as his communication consultant:

We held signs, gave out candy, and waved (above)

Greg thanks his volunteers at parade's end (above 3)

Me Walkin' N Wavin'
(above thanks to James)
I enjoyed walking and waving at participants in the sun; how fun to gather in a friendly manner and smile at each other.  I appreciated Greg's supporters who came out to participate, some of whom had not yet seen a parade let alone walked in one.  A special thank you to Greg Taylor's volunteers!  

To add to our weekend's festivities, Greg earned an "Outstanding" rating from the non-partisan Municipal League of King County.  Re-Elect Greg Taylor for Renton City Council Position #4!  Learn more about Citizens to Re-Elect Greg Taylor.  

Parades offer access to each other in the downtown core, or a kind of public commons.  Access means we can interact in close proximity, whether digital or on-ground, with each other.  Public commons are places that allow us to exercise our freedom to assemble.  Building from Parker Follett (1918), assembling together adds to engaging our collective will and contributing our gifts however ecelectic and fun they may be!  I also love blue sky and breezes in the shade this time of year.  It was fun greeting my husband at the end, who also photographed the event.

Renton River Days festival and parade showcase another reason why I Love Renton and Renton is a great place to live, work, and play.  Enjoy photos from last year's parade.  See you at the festival, and let's wave to each other at next year's parade!  



Parker Follett, M. (1918). The new state. Danvers, MA: General Books.