Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Municipal League of King County Ratings Party

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of the Municipal League of King County's Ratings Party at McCormick & Schmick's to celebrate Greg Taylor's "Outstanding" rating!  I support Citizens to Re-Elect Greg Taylor as I'm serving as his communication advisor:

Venue Location (above)

Greg Taylor conversing with Sara Stubbs (above)
Greg Taylor with Bill Bryant (Port of Seattle Commissioner, above)
Richard Mitchell (King County Council Position #6)
and Greg Taylor (above)

Greg Taylor (above)
Greg Taylor earned an "Outstanding" rating from the non-partisan Municipal League of King County.  The "muni league" is a non-partisan group ran mostly by volunteers who logged an estimated year's worth of work in the last 6 weeks to conduct their inquiry process of candidates.  Candidates opt-in to this process and are rated in terms of Involvement, Character, Effectiveness, and Knowledge.  Candidates fill out a questionnaire and undergo one-on-one phone and panel interviews.

During the inquiry process, it's important to communicate one's position, knowledge of the issues relevant to said position, and how to implement said position as it relates to each respective office.  It's worth mentioning that candidates were not evaluated based on how well they could mud-sling their opponent or via party affiliation.  Those two points alone solidify that the muni league's work contributes to the public commons and serves the public.  The ratings help distinguish seemingly similar candidates for voters.  Notably, an "Outstanding" rating is difficult to earn.  Congratulations, Greg!

Re-Elect Greg Taylor for Renton City Council Position #4! Learn more about Citizens to Re-Elect Greg Taylor.



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