Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park | Year Round

Hi Colleagues,

Now here's a place that I've loved since I was a tot getting dirty in the sand.  Enjoy this pixel-roll of Renton's Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park, the location of Renton's Fabulous Fourth of July (photos), Ivar's Clam Lights at Christmas (photos), and Family Concerts at the Park:

Public Art:  Interface by Phillip Levine (above)
Mt. Rainier vista (above)

Infamous Ivar's (above)
Renton Sailing Club vessels (above)

Mt. Rainier in the distance (above) 

Turtle! (above)

Reserve a picnic shelter for a family or company picnic or birthday party!  I especially enjoy walking on the trail, smelling the blooming roses, and standing on the vista.  Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park remains yet another reason why I Love Renton and Renton is a great place to live, work, and play.