Friday, July 15, 2011

Citizens to Re-Elect Greg Taylor Campaign Kick-Off & Fundraiser

Hi Colleagues,

Enjoy this pixel-roll of Citizens to Re-Elect Greg Taylor's Campaign Kick-Off & Fundraiser, which we hosted at Renton's fabulous Tea Palace Asian Restaurant & Banquet, the largest Asian restaurant in Seattle metro area:

Campaign & Event Team (above)

Greg with Emcees & Supporters Dr. Caprice Hollins & Larry Crim (above)

Bob McBeth, Retired, King County District Judge (above)
Greg with Mi Po Seto and Duc Tran of
Tea Palace Asian Restaurant & Banquet (above)

Ryan Simonds from Renton Firefighters IAFF Local 864 (above)
Thank you for your support!

Goody Bagg (above)

A favorite photo from the night
as it shows Greg's personable nature (above)

Greg with Zack Hudgins (above)
Larry Crim emceed the event (above)
Great job, Larry!
Dr. Caprice Hollins introduces her cousin, Greg (above) 

Greg did a great job delivering his speech;
I could hear his com/passion (above)

Mayor Denis Law and Greg (above) 

Zack Hudgins, State Representative 11th District,
asks us to support Greg (above 2)

Phillip [R] provided sound services (above) 
Marcie Maxwell, State Representative 41st District (above) 

I liked these boys' energy! Such smiles and fun! (above)

Kelley, Campaign Team Treasurer, Graphic Designer,
& Officianado at large, with his sweet family! (above)
Greg with former Renton mayor Don Custer (above) 

Participation Exercise Results (above 3)
What do you want to see improved in Renton?
How can we make the political process easier?

[L-R] Marcie Maxwell, State Representative 41st District; Greg Taylor;
Judy Clibborn, State Representative 41st District;
Zack Hudgins, State Representative 11th District (above)
Chris Spahn, Co-founder, Chairman and Executive Director
of Birthday Dreams, with Greg (above)
Mi Po N Me! (above photo courtesy of Mi Po Seto)
My favorite parts of the evening included meeting dignitaries, Greg's supporters, friends, hearing Greg deliver his speech in a relaxed and caring manner, and participating in the exercise where we asked for feedback on what residents want improved or more of in Renton, and how we can make the political and governance process easier and more accessible. I enjoyed giving hi-fives and talking with the children present. It's good to include future generations now!  Of course the food was delicious, and Tim, the venue manager, kindly brought me a cup of tea!

I first met Greg at
Renton River Days.  Later I shared my concerns over a traffic safety issue and Greg, with the Police Chief, made time to listen to my communication strategy to address those concerns.  Greg remembered my passion for communication and called me this May to ask if I wanted to volunteer as a communication director for his campaign.  I had just walked at graduation commencement for my MA in Communication & Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University.  I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to my local government via a gifts-based approach and to network and gain experience and exposure for my consulting work.

Goody Bagg designed this flier for our kick-off event (above)
Fast forward to present day and you see the results of our campaign team, who wears many hats to support Greg.  I support Greg for his passion to improve health and education outcomes and quality of life for Renton residents in part by reaching out to the many cultures and diverse faces that make Renton great.  Greg involves people with his networking mindset.  He manages his team with open form, transparency, and broad shoulders because he cares about outcomes.  I respect Greg's servant leadership even in procuring supplies for his sign from McLendon's Hardware and staying up late to assemble them; he proves himself to be an authentic, caring, and involved leader.

We plan to walk in the Renton River Days parade and are planning our next campaign event.  What makes Greg's campaign unique is that he's deliberately reaching out to diverse communities to engage, inspire and integrate them into the political process with hopes to improve health, education, employment, housing, public safety and quality of life outcomes for all Renton residents through visionary & collaborative leadership.  Learn more about Greg Taylor's vision for Renton. 

Serving Renton Residents with Visionary & Collaborative Leadership

I support Greg by consulting him with his communication strategy, producing and editing creative content, including speech, web, and social media narrative via formative interviewing and event and location photography, managing his social media channels, writing press releases and contacting press, fielding inquiries, branding his campaign, and communicating with our team to ensure we're on target for our deliverables.  In the larger picture, I create community profiles via writing, photography, and communication and leadership consulting.  Building from Parker Follett (1918), I believe democracy occurs when we identify, share, and engage our collective will to contribute our ideas and skills to create healthy societies.  My foci include

Connecting & Consulting with 
People & Organizations to 
Write, Communicate & Lead for 
Health, Education & the Public Commons.

Special thanks to Mi Po Seto, Duc Tran, and Ted Rodriquez (owner of Torero's Mexican Restaurants) for generously sponsoring and hosting our event, to Goody Bagg for the soulful jazzy tunes and fabulous fliers, and for all dignitaries, emergency response representatives, campaign volunteers, sponsors, endorsers, and supporters!  We appreciate the time and energy you gave to support Greg Taylor's Re-Election to Renton City Council!  Let me not forget to give a shout-out to Mary at happy delusions for the red cinnabar necklace that I'm wearing!

An involved, engaged, and multi-culturally competent government remains yet another reason why I Love Renton and Renton is a great place to live, work, and play.  

Contact me for press-related inquiries or if interested in supporting Greg Taylor's Re-Election to Renton City Council Position #4.



Parker Follett, M. (1918). The new state. Danvers, MA: General Books.


Store or brand names and their links do not necessarily indicate endorsement.  Contact me if you want to endorse Greg Taylor for re-election to Renton City Council Position #4.